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Today I spent lots of energy testing humom’s new blanket for warmth and snuggliness. It was very hard work. So when I woke up an hour later I told her I approved of new blanket and asked for a snack. All the work makes a tort hungry!

It’s shellebration time!  Lettuce all come out of our shells and sing Happy Birthday to the one and only Zoya Pants the Great @tort-time!  🎉🐢

Covert Garden Tort… you can’t see her and she’s totally not eating anything 

When I come home and check on Zoya, she’ll sometimes tortle over really fast, stop at the edge, and stare up at me like “HI!”.  My heart immediately turns into a big ole mushy pile of goo 😍😍😍😍 

I asked her how she got those petunias on her shell and she said ‘I woke up like this’

Someone is doing a great job weeding the garden! 

A little #ThrowBackThursday … Zoya pants will have owned been with me for 10 years this coming September! Look at the tiny baby she was in 2009. She got confused by a crochet blanket and was barely bigger than a box of tacks. I love her so much.  


She swears she heard you say snacks…

She’s looking for trouble.. literally. 😂😍