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Happy Sunday, friends!  ✨  With all that’s going on, we wanted to share something relaxing, and what could be more relaxing than watching me at home in my enclosure?  😊  So here is a video showing a typical morning for me in (mostly) real time (like a livestream but not live! 😜).  It’s a slow video—I am very much not a morning tortoise, as you can see!  🌅🥱🐢

TGIF!  🥳🐢

Let the BBQs and fireworks begin!

BBQs have salads with radicchio, right?

MOM, it’s the weekend!  I demand breakfast in bed!


Good morn—EXCUSE ME, why is this the same water that was in my water dish yesterday?  Change this water RIGHT NOW, Mom!


Supervising Mom do laundry is boring.  Mom, I want noms and cuddles!


Moooooom, stop ignoring me!

Friday the 13th of October, Part 1
(Parts 2 and 3)

The spooky headless tortoise emerges to wish everyone a spooky Friday the 13th!  👻🦇🎃🐢

*  Music is a slightly sped up version of Daniel Simion’s Creepy Background Music, obtained here under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.

Background image is GDJ’s Haunted House Moonlight Silhouette, obtained here under a Creative Commons Zero 1.0 license.