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Weekends are for exploratory CHOMPs!  (And leaf hat wearing!)


My sweetie Kirby, @thewhimsyturtle , sent me a birthday card! He picked out one with lots of pink and added lots of stickers because he knows I love that. Kirby also got his humom to crochet a special heart too! The tiny pull is where he kissed it for me. He’s so romantic 🐢❤

Mango got her card!  I am so glad she likes it and her special heart!  Isn’t she the sweetest tortie?  😍💖

Today is a big day!  Five years ago today, my sweetie Mango (@wafflesworld) found her forever home!  Mango didn’t get the right care her first two years, but she has been growing so well and healthy since being rescued by friend Alicia!

To shellebrate, I found pink-loving Mango the pinkest card, the pinkest stickers, and a snuggly heart!  I gave the heart a big CHOMP to send Mango lots of love and kisses!  (Mom was too slow to get a picture of me chomping the heart.)

Happy happy hatchday, Mango!  🎉🎂🎊💝🐢

*  Heart crocheted with Planet June’s lovely medium-size heart pattern using hook size G/6 (4.25 mm).

Is today the day that’s all about yarn?

Hooray for yarn!

Yarn is such a wonderful crafty medium!

Mom can make stuffies…

…costumes for me, of course…

…and I can nom it!

I am wishing for a whole ball of yarn just for me to nom!

Mom, can you find some nom-able yarn next time?

I declare this yarn heart to be my heart!

Mom, we should send one of these to Mango!

Happy I Love Yarn Day!

Today is the day we celebrate our favorite crafty medium:  Wonderful, cuddly, versatile yarn!  Mom likes to make things out of yarn, and I like to help by quality testing all her yarns for tastiness!

*  Heart crocheted with Planet June’s lovely medium-size heart pattern using hook size G/6 (4.25 mm).

Bonus grump face!