Category: window

What do you mean, it’s too cold for me to go outside?!  Look how sunny it is!

A towel makes any view better!

If I stare out the window hard enough, will spring come faster?

I love looking out of windows, and snow days are the most relaxing days of all to sit on our windowsill!  ❄️👀

Not our most exciting video, we know, but Mom loves how much I love windows!  ❤️🐢

No, you can’t have my towel to throw in the washing machine!  I’m using my towel, Mom!

Mom, this sunlight on my bum isn’t warm enough!  Fix it!

Mom, why is there white stuff falling from the sky?!  If I blow bubbles at the window, will spring come faster?!

It’s a people-watching #TortoiseButtTuesday!

I am hiding from Monday in my fluffy towel!