Is it time for noms to descend from the sky?

Mom, explain my empty plate!

It’s bath time?  Let’s see…wall here, water dish there…sorry, Mom, looks like I’m totally stuck.  I have no choice but to stay here all day!  No bath for me!

Mom and I are both grumpy today (I even refused to get up at all!), so here’s a throwback to one time a few years ago, when I got up to an empty plate.  Mom went running for my breakfast when she saw this GRUMP!

MOM, it’s the weekend!  I demand breakfast in bed!

Mom, I got up all by myself!  On a Monday!  And now you expect me to turn around to get my breakfast, too?!  How could you be so mean?!

Mom has something she calls jetlag that’s throwing everything off schedule, including my breakfast?!  I don’t understand, Mom!  Yesterday my breakfast was way early and today it’s way late?!  What is this madness?!

Excuse me!  I’m awake!  Why isn’t my light on and more importantly, why is my plate empty?!

I’m not coming out of bed until I see noms on my plate!

MOM, why are you waking me up if my breakfast isn’t ready yet?!