EXCUSE ME!  Where is my breakfast?!  Starving is not part of staying home and social distancing!

Mom, why is my plate all the way on top of my hidey hut?!  You’re cleaning??  But this is my plate for noms!  How will I reach my noms up there?!

Mom, it’s Friday!  Can I skip my collard greens today?  No?!  No fair!!  Fridays are for yummy feasts!  I refuse to nom my collard greens, Mom!

Last month, someone Mom knows traveled to Japan and brought back snacks made with real cherry blossoms for Mom!  I booped and booped the pretty flowers on the box, but no matter what I did, they stayed flat on the box.  Spring is supposed to bring fresh real flowers, not other noms with flowers in them, Mom!

EXCUSE ME, why is my breakfast not ready yet?!?

Mom, spring is supposed to bring real flowers, not other noms masquerading as flowers!

What do you mean the grocery store hasn’t had radicchio in months?!?  FIX IT, MOM!!

EXCUSE ME, I rampaged EVERYWHERE!  Why is my plate still empty?!?

Who goes there?  Do you bring noms?  No noms, no admittance to the Kirby Fort!

No wonder my evil plastic plants keep hogging this corner:  It is the perfect spot for me to hide from Monday and keep an eye on my food plate!