Category: what door

It’s bath time?  Let’s see…wall here, water dish there…sorry, Mom, looks like I’m totally stuck.  I have no choice but to stay here all day!  No bath for me!

EXCUSE ME, my water dish is blocking my way!

Mom was late, so I put myself to bed.

Look, Mom!  I grew a bigger shell!  I need three times the noms now!

If you’re not going to bring me breakfast in bed on a Monday, I am taking the shortest path to my plate!  I want my breakfast NOW, no time to waste on doors!


As a reward for finding me, you may now serve me breakfast in bed.  Immediately!

Good morn—EXCUSE ME, why is this the same water that was in my water dish yesterday?  Change this water RIGHT NOW, Mom!


My head is outside of my hidey hut.  Does that count as getting out of bed?

Good morn—what are you laughing at?!?

Door?  What door?  I am on the hunt for noms.  I don’t have time for doors!