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Shello, friends!  We have good news and bad news for you today.

👻  Good news #1:  Brunhilda is getting a Halloween costume to go with my costume this year!  I helped cut the pink cloth for Brunhilda’s costume and made myself a big cape out of the rest!

😞  The bad news:  My winter blues have hit early this year, so unfortunately, we will not have a Halloween video this year.  Mom never forces me to do anything I don’t want to!

🎃  Good news #2:  Winter blues make me too grumpy for long videos, but I am always up for photos!  So we will still be sharing lots of photos of me in my Halloween costume…starting tomorrow!  Stay tuned!


* Tumblr is still eating our individual photo captions, so while the code monkeys are trying to sort that out, captions below:

  1. All of this pink cloth is left over from Brunhilda’s costume?
  2. What a pretty pink!  It would be a shame for this all to go to waste…
  3. Say shello to my new cape!

It’s Halloween costume fitting time!  Mom’s first attempt at my costume didn’t quite work, but her second try is looking much better!  Can you guess what I am going to be?

Hint:  Nomming is required as part of my costume!

Happy I Love Yarn Day!

Today we shellebrate our favorite crafty medium:  yarn!

Mom’s favorite yarn for making amigurumi (knit or crocheted plushies) and my Halloween costumes is Lily Sugar’n Cream yarn.  Lily Sugar’n Cream is a 100% cotton yarn that comes in all the colors of the rainbow and keeps its shape the best out of all the yarns Mom has tried.  Plus, it’s super affordable:  Mom can usually get a whole ball for $1!

I found the end of the rainbow!  But what’s under it???

I spy something round and fluffy!

I spy something round and fluffy!

The last ingredient for my Halloween costume this year:  glue!  I was very confused about how this empty-looking bottle could help my costume, but Mom says there’s magic inside the bottle.  She better be right!

This year’s Halloween will be full of firsts:  We’ve already shared that my costume will have a higher dome than my shell and felt cutouts for the first time.  On top of that, this year, for the first time ever, Brunhilda is getting a Halloween costume, to go along with mine!

Mom is mixing things up for my Halloween costume this year:  The majority of my costume will be crocheted as usual, but this year, my costume will also have felt cutouts!

Happy I Love Yarn Day!

Mom and I both love yarn!  Mom loves yarn as a crafty medium, like for making my Halloween costume.  This year, Mom is doing something a little different:  In past years, Mom has tailored my costume to the exact shape of my shell.  But, this year, Mom is trying out a more domed shape.

I don’t know how to crochet like Mom, but I love yarn, too—in my own way!  😋


Mom, can I get yarn for breakfast tomorrow?

📸  Bonus GRUMP from when Mom accidentally turned on her camera flash:


I am Not Amused, Mom!