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Excuse me, my water dish needs cleaning, stat!

What do you mean the grocery store hasn’t had radicchio in months?!?  FIX IT, MOM!!

Who goes there?  Do you bring noms?  No noms, no admittance to the Kirby Fort!

MOM, why is my water dish empty?!?

🥁  Presenting … my most exciting Tall Tuesday training session yet!  Can I finally make it onto the top of my hidey hut?  🧗‍♂️💪🐢🥳

How to sneak up on Mom:  Make a secret path behind my water dish, creep stealthily through when Mom is preoccupied, and jump out at Mom from the alley between my water dish and my hidey hut!

Mom gave me subpar noms again!?  Good thing I know where to find better noms:  Behind my hidey hut!

After my magnificent regal poses yesterday, I took a majestic not-bath and demanded better noms fit for a king like me!

It’s a time-lapse Tall Tuesday posing on my water dish!

It was the cleanest of times, it was the muddiest of times…