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Mom gave me subpar noms again!?  Good thing I know where to find better noms:  Behind my hidey hut!

After my magnificent regal poses yesterday, I took a majestic not-bath and demanded better noms fit for a king like me!

It’s a time-lapse Tall Tuesday posing on my water dish!

It was the cleanest of times, it was the muddiest of times…

I had a very busy afternoon today while Mom was out Black Friday shopping.


* Tumblr is STILL eating our individual photo captions, so while the code monkeys are still working on that, captions below:

  1. Excuse me, you’re the one who abandoned me to go shopping, Mom!
  2. I had Very Good Reasons for flipping over my hidey hut and dragging it all the way to this end of my home!
  3. And obviously I threw all my noms out of my plate and stomped on them because none of them are radicchio!

Tall Tuesday training:  One…more…kick…to…the…top!!  🧗‍♂️💪🐢😖

I think I spy noms behind my hidey hut!

On my schedule today:  A nice relaxing not-bath, followed by snacks.

Uh oh…Mom, help!  I’m stuck!

* Tumblr keeps eating our individual photo captions, so while the help desk is trying to sort that out, captions below:

  1. Ahhhh…not-baths are so relaxing!
  2. Time for noms!
  3. MOM, why are you taking pictures instead of helping?!

What do you mean, we’re out of radicchio?!

Waiting for the weekend…