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👒  Happy National Hat Day!  🧢

A holiday just for hats and my Mexican vacation in the mail from friends @wafflesworld can mean only one thing:  ¡Es la fiesta de Señor GRUMP!  ¡Vamonos!  🎉🎁🌵🏖🎩🐢😤

It’s a cold and dreary January weekday, which means it’s the perfect time to break out my presents from friends @wafflesworld for my sixth birthday last August:  A Mexican vacation in the mail!  A dandelion-yellow pool floatie with a great big cactus (sadly not nomable—I blame customs!), three festive torts to get the party started, and of course, my magnificent Señor GRUMP sombrero!  🎉🌵🏖🎩🐢😎

The most stylish cure for a gloomy January Monday is a new hat​!  

My fabulous sombrero was selected just for me by friends @wafflesworld!  Stay tuned to find out what else they sent for Señor GRUMP!


Guess what today is? It’s my hatchday!!! I am 8 years old! I put on my special tiara and opened up my card and present from sweetie, Kirby @thewhimsyturtle . He knows all the things I like such as cake and sparkles and pink! Then mom gave me a very special present. My own giant pumpkin!!! She even cut me a peice in the shape of a crown. I ate so much! Such a special hatchday.

My sweetie Mango liked her present and got a party fit for a princess!  A sparkly crown plus a big yummy one, too!  ✨👑🎃💖

Happy happy hatchday to beautiful Mango @wafflesworld, the sweetest tortie princess!  🎉🎂🎊💝🐢

Mango loves pink, so Mom helped me find Mango a pretty pink card and the perfect pink pin to help Mango shellebrate.  Now how do I turn that pink cake into a real, nom-able pink cake?


* Tumblr is still eating our individual photo captions, so while the code monkeys are working on that, captions below:

  1. A pretty card for pretty Mango!
  2. Plus lots of shiny stars because Mango is a star!
  3. Sweet and happy things for Mango today and all days!
  4. Are you saying Mango can’t actually nom that pink cake?!
  5. But it’s such a pretty pink!
  6. MOM, make that cake real for Mango!

Sunday night, we lost one of our dearest critter friends.  Blue (@wafflesworld) was a cuddly dragon who found the best old age he could have ever dreamed of with the amazing Alicia.  We will miss his silliness and his infectious smile.  Mom and I send our biggest hugs and kisses to Alicia, Waffles, Mango, Torty, and dad Steve.  💗😔

Blue, we hope you are feasting on dancing wormies to your heart’s content on the other side of the rainbow bridge.  🌈🐉💙


Happy Hatch day to the most handsome shell around, @wafflesworld ! We wish we could celebrate with you. 


Zoya was so sad she couldn’t wish you a happy birthday in person we had a local waffle stand in for you. It wasn’t quite the same. But here are some photos of your gifts.

Zoya sends you a sweet birthday kiss and warm snuggles. All the noms you can eat AND


A picture of her bum?   ZOYA! scandalous! 

Well, we hope your day was full of sunshine and noms!!  You’re getting lots of love from Zoya and the human too.  HAPPY HATCH DAY! 

Today is a big day for a big tort:  Waffles @wafflesworld turns 6 years old!  Mom says customs would steal any cake we sent through the mail, so I found a shell friend to bring Waffles a cake instead!

Happy happy hatchday, Waffles!!  We can’t wait to see how awesome your stomps will be this year, especially after how epic they were last year (RIP garden)!


An important part of being a big sister is to be understanding and caring to my little brother. Some days he just needs a hug.

You two are the absolute sweetest. Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone… I know Waffles has a reputation to uphold 😉 


My sweetie Kirby, @thewhimsyturtle , sent me a birthday card! He picked out one with lots of pink and added lots of stickers because he knows I love that. Kirby also got his humom to crochet a special heart too! The tiny pull is where he kissed it for me. He’s so romantic 🐢❤

Mango got her card!  I am so glad she likes it and her special heart!  Isn’t she the sweetest tortie?  😍💖