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National Hat Day, Dr. Seuss-Style!, Part 1
(Parts 2, 3, and 4)

Gather ‘round, gather ‘round,
Today is the day!
To the milliner’s we are bound
For National Hat Day!

Behold, one and all,
So fluffy and brand new,
Homemade and tall,
My Truffula hat of the brightest hue!

Who remembers my first ever National Hat Day outfit?  💚🐢😎

👒  Happy National Hat Day!  🧢

A holiday just for hats and my Mexican vacation in the mail from friends @wafflesworld can mean only one thing:  ¡Es la fiesta de Señor GRUMP!  ¡Vamonos!  🎉🎁🌵🏖🎩🐢😤

🎉🎩🐢  Happy New Year and New Decade, Tumblr!  🦕✨🎊

Brunhilda and I thew a great big sparkly party to ring in the brand new ‘20s, complete with party horns and lots of spiffy hats!  🥳

We wish you all the most deliciously fabulous decade yet!  🥂😋💖🐢

🎄 12 Days of GRUMPmas, Day 6️⃣ 🎁
(Days 1, 2, 34, and 5)

A present?  For me?!  🎁🐧👀🐢🎅

Squeak GRUMP squeeeaaak GRUMP GRUMP squeak squeakity squeakity SQUEAK!!!

🔊 on!  Plus, if you watch carefully, you may see some tail wags! 

It was the cleanest of times, it was the muddiest of times…

Keeping the pumpkin shellebration going with bonus spooky lighting photos of me in my personal pumpkin patch wearing my fabulous new hat!  🎃🎃🐢🎃🎃

🎥  Don’t forget to watch it all in video if you missed it yesterday!

Tumblr is still eating our individual photo captions, so while the code monkeys are trying to sort that out, captions below:

  1. All hail the Pumpkin King!
  2. Nothing stands in the way of the Pumpkin King!
  3. Wait, how did I end up back here?!
  4. No matter, I, the Pumpkin King, shall march forth and conquer all the noms!
  5. …This pumpkin throne is difficult to get off of…
  6. Me, the Pumpkin King, stuck?  Never!  HARUMPH!

Happy National Pumpkin Day!  Mom made me my very own personal pumpkin patch to shellebrate!  🎃🎃🐢🎃🎃

🎥  Watch me pick my pumpkin in our video:

* Tumblr is still eating our individual photo captions, so while the code monkeys are trying to sort that out, captions below:

  1. All of these tiny pumpkins are just for me?!
  2. I choose you, tiny pumpkin…to be my new hat!
  3. Checking out the edge of my kingdom of Halloween black!
  4. Why does my kingdom of Halloween black have no noms growing anywhere?!
  5. You doubt these pumpkins are mine?  Watch me sit on them!
  6. These pumpkins are mine and mine alone!
  7. Why do these tiny pumpkins not smell like noms…
  8. Do you want to trade me real pumpkins for these tiny pumpkins?
  9. You can have those tiny not-nom pumpkins, Mom!
  10. I, Kirby the Explorer, shall go forth and find real nom-able pumpkin!

Is this black cloth nom-able???






My First Strawberry!, Part 2
(Parts 1, 3, 4, 5, and 6)

I tried so hard to nom my first strawberry!

Mommy showed me that it’s easier to nom the pointy end, but after a few bites, I went back to trying (and failing) to nom the big fat juicy part. Why must nomming be so hard?!

This old video of me trying to nom my first strawberry now has over 100,000 views!!  We don’t know why this video suddenly started getting a lot of views this year, but I feel like a YouTube star now!  🎥🌟🍓🐢

(Click on the other parts to see more photos and gifs!)

A clip from this old video of me is in a Google ad!!  (I make an appearance at 0:14!)

My first strawberry video is also now up to more than 500,000 views!?  😮  I’m a shellebrity!!  🎥🌟🍓🐢

We can’t believe we are saying this:  My first strawberry video now has over 1 MILLION VIEWS!!!!!  😲😲😲

One year later, my first strawberry video is up to over 7 million views!!!  😲😲😲  #shellebrity  (Sadly, it looks like Google took down the ad I starred in.)

We never imagined so many people would want to see my adventures!  We started out posting as a way to share all the photos and videos Mom takes of me without spamming all of Mom’s friends a zillion times every day.  Thank you for all the love you have shown me!  Shell hugs to all!  🤗💖🌟🐢

My first strawberry video is up to over 10 MILLION VIEWS!?!?!  🤯

We can’t believe how much love this video has gotten (or how tiny I used to be)!  THANK YOU!!  🤗🥰🐢

Six!, Part 10
(Parts 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9)

My fabulous birthday package from friends Tito, Nico, Joa, and their humom @anne-fine​ not only included fabulous presents, but also the packaging was delicious!  You’ve already seen the adorable heart-shaped packing peanuts in our Lover photoshoot, but here are a few extra photos (without my crown)!  (I may have had a tug-of-war with Mom over one of the hearts…)  💕  When we poured all the hearts out of my birthday box, we also found a surprise:  The cutest paper clip ever!  📎🐢

While Mom was cleaning up, I discovered that the colorful garland inside my birthday box makes an excellent “punching bag” for me:

I am going to be the lightweight nomming champ!


Mom also found more photos of me with our wonderful new pouch.  Of course, we couldn’t keep them to ourselves!  👛😋🙊🐢


I can’t help being so tasty!

Finally, bonus photos of all the GRUMPs I gave Mom when she laughed at me for my enthusiastic CHOMPs!


Why aren’t these shiny things in my tummy yet?!


Or these tasty photos of me?!


Mom, this is all your fault!  My first-class CHOMPs are clearly not the problem here!


MOM, this is on the floor!  How am I supposed to train if this isn’t dangling in mid-air?!


Thank you again so much for such a fabulous birthday box, @anne-fine!!  Mom and I love all my presents (in our own different ways 😅)!  We are so excited to start using our new pouch and measuring friend, and Mom has put all my new friends in special places where we can see them every day.  Thank you for such a wonderful box of happiness!!  ❤️❤️❤️🐢🐢🐢🐦