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Happy Sunday, friends!  ✨  With all that’s going on, we wanted to share something relaxing, and what could be more relaxing than watching me at home in my enclosure?  😊  So here is a video showing a typical morning for me in (mostly) real time (like a livestream but not live! 😜).  It’s a slow video—I am very much not a morning tortoise, as you can see!  🌅🥱🐢

Tall Tuesday training:  It’s important to stay active even when you stay home.  When you don’t have access to fancy gym equipment, it’s time to get creative.  Think outside the box!  Or … flip the box!  💪🐢😎

Happy Leap Day!

Once every four years is a long time to wait.  This is only my second leap day ever!  To shellebrate, Mom made four colorful leaping friends just for me!  And of course, like any good shellebration, there were noms aplenty…


National Hat Day, Dr. Seuss-Style!, Part 1
(Parts 2, 3, and 4)

Gather ‘round, gather ‘round,
Today is the day!
To the milliner’s we are bound
For National Hat Day!

Behold, one and all,
So fluffy and brand new,
Homemade and tall,
My Truffula hat of the brightest hue!

Who remembers my first ever National Hat Day outfit?  💚🐢😎

👒  Happy National Hat Day!  🧢

A holiday just for hats and my Mexican vacation in the mail from friends @wafflesworld can mean only one thing:  ¡Es la fiesta de Señor GRUMP!  ¡Vamonos!  🎉🎁🌵🏖🎩🐢😤

🎉🎩🐢  Happy New Year and New Decade, Tumblr!  🦕✨🎊

Brunhilda and I thew a great big sparkly party to ring in the brand new ‘20s, complete with party horns and lots of spiffy hats!  🥳

We wish you all the most deliciously fabulous decade yet!  🥂😋💖🐢

🎄 12 Days of GRUMPmas, Day 6️⃣ 🎁
(Days 1, 2, 34, and 5)

A present?  For me?!  🎁🐧👀🐢🎅

Squeak GRUMP squeeeaaak GRUMP GRUMP squeak squeakity squeakity SQUEAK!!!

🔊 on!  Plus, if you watch carefully, you may see some tail wags! 

It was the cleanest of times, it was the muddiest of times…