Category: upside down

I had a very busy afternoon today while Mom was out Black Friday shopping.


* Tumblr is STILL eating our individual photo captions, so while the code monkeys are still working on that, captions below:

  1. Excuse me, you’re the one who abandoned me to go shopping, Mom!
  2. I had Very Good Reasons for flipping over my hidey hut and dragging it all the way to this end of my home!
  3. And obviously I threw all my noms out of my plate and stomped on them because none of them are radicchio!

I flipped over my plastic plants, I’ve checked all under my plate…where is my radicchio, Mom?!?

Bonus peekaboo GRUMPs:


Detective Kirby can be sneaky, you see!


Detective Kirby is hangry, Mom!

Excuse me, my log is flipped over!  MOM!

One of my favorite ninja training exercises is flipping over my hidey hut for a new climbing challenge!  💪🐢🙃

Saturday sailing in my hidey hut!


I, Captain Kirby, command you take me to the yummiest of noms, hidey hut!


What?  Me, sailing off unsupervised?  Nope, totally not doing that, Mom!

Mom, I want to go for a dip in my water dish, but I’m stuck!  🤔


Now that I no longer have my beloved coconut, Mom says I should sleep in my hidey hut.  Happy, Mom?

One time Mom was cleaning out all the dirt I artfully placed in my water dish, so she gave me this terrible temporary water dish instead.  On top of that, Mom gave me no radicchio at all!  I showed Mom exactly what I thought of that!

What?  Me, nomming these awful greens?  Nuh-uh!

Shello!  I flipped my hidey hut completely upside down!  Only problem is…Mr. Smiley and I are stuck in this corner now…Can you airlift me out please?