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Happy World Turtle Day!

Time for our annual shellebratory tradition:  A tortle tower of awesomeness!  This year’s tower is extra shiny and comes with secret space for nom storage!


Still no noms in front of me, Mom!


I have a double chin?  Clearly I don’t get enough noms—a proper tortie should have at least three chins!  Obviously!

I am the cutest stowaway ever!

Trinkets can be pretty, but can they be this cute?

I am willing to concede that this box is shinier than my shell.

When you’re a model like me, it’s always important to throw in a pensive pose to look effortlessly gorgeous.

Do I get treats for all my fabulous poses?

Does the lid fit on my shell? Of course it does!

The velvet inside the lid feels so nice no my shell!

Wait, don’t take the photo yet!

Okay, now I’m ready for one last glamour shot!

Time for treats!

Stowaway alert!

Remember when friend mltg gave us this super shiny “stowaways” box almost three years ago?  It’s a lot harder for me to stow away in this box now!  @katespadeny


Augh, Mom, I’m in the middle of blinking!


I see my snacks over there!


Mom, enough with the photos already!  I want my snacks!