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BREAKING NEWS:  Grandmom finally found radicchio for me at the grocery store, after months of no radicchio in stock!!  GIMME GIMME GIMME!

Happy National Love Your Pet Day!  Do you love me enough to give me radicchio for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

And the Academy Award for Best Snuggles goes to…

…Mom’s lap with my fluffy towel!  🏆🤗🐢💤💖

It’s a Monday that’s also a holiday?!  MOAR SNUGGLE TIME!

Sleepy Sunday snuggles.  🤗🐢💤💖

Lap tortoise reporting for Sunday snuggle duty:  I can reply to all those emails for you, Mom!  Let’s see…H-E-L-P-S-E-N-D-N-O-M-S-exclamation point, exclamation point, exclamation point!  Aaaand send!

Spa day means an awful bath plus an even worse nail trim.  I hate spa day!!  😱💦🐢🛁💅😱

Sunday snuggle snooping:  How many potential noms can I spy from my towel up in Mom’s hands?

Mom is back from her travels!  Time for all the snuggles—including towel cuddles for a belated Towel Day shellebration!


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