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Exciting life news:  We’re moving soon!  Our new place has more space and a sunny spot already reserved for me.  Even more exciting:  This will be a double move for me—I’m getting upgraded to a bigger enclosure!

A nice man gifted us fancy chocolates to help us shellebrate.  I usually don’t like chocolates unless they’re wrapped in shiny foil, but even I can’t resist these!

Weekends are for exploratory CHOMPs!  (And leaf hat wearing!)

Five!, Part 7
(Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6)

Bonus photos of my birthday cake nomming!  As always, Mom took too many photos, but I am too adorably photogenic for us to keep these photos to ourselves!

The face I gave Mom when she told me there were no more dandies in my cake.  Why didn’t Mom make me a cake with neverending dandies?!

The face I make when I’m not done nomming what’s in my mouth but I see another yummy nom!

Whoa, how did that camera get right in my face?!

I’m not letting go of my radicchio for any picture!


Mom, stop taking pictures and hand feed me my radicchio!  It’s my birthday!

Five!, Part 4
(Parts 1, 2, and 3)

Mom rushed to rescue me from my birthday cake, but I just kept nomming my radicchio like nothing had happened.  Nothing stands between me and my radicchio!


Seriously, Mom, did you really expect having cake fall on me would stop me from nomming my radicchio?

When I finished my radicchio, I was about to GRUMP at Mom for more, but then I discovered another of my favorite noms:  watermelon!


I love birthday cake!!

Happy World Turtle Day!

Who remembers the purple and pink striped turtles we made for a friend’s small children a few years ago?  Shortly thereafter, our friend welcomed a new baby, so of course we made a new striped turtle for the newest member of his wonderful family!  Except this time, I am so big that I’m the one anchoring our annual tortle tower!

As always, more crafty details and photos over at our WordPress.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms!

To show Mom how much I love her, I got her a big bunch of pretty pink flowers (plus a white flower from our apple tree).  Mom says she doesn’t nom flowers, so I volunteered to nom her flowers for her!


You don’t mind if I nom your pretty flowers for you, right, Mom?


Hey!  Where’d my noms—I mean, your flowers go?!


Look!  I found radicchio, too!!


Noms and happiness to all!