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Aha!  The closet door is open!  Time to find out what Mom has been hiding from me!

Wake me up when it’s Christmas again.

Time to say goodbye to PAC-TORT…for now…

It’s a not-getting-out-of-bed-but-still-showing-off-my-leggie #TortoiseButtTuesday.

Mom, I TOLD you I don’t want these greens!  I don’t care if it’s not the right season, I want dandelions!  Also radicchio!  And I am not coming out of this corner until you put those on my plate!

It’s a relaxing-on-the-couch kind of #TortoiseButtTuesday.


Sitting pretty for a snuggly #TortoiseButtTuesday!

It’s … #TortoiseButtTuesday time!

Aka hiding-from-my-awful-bath time.

Do we have to put away all our Christmas lights already?  😭