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Monday will never find me here!

Last week, I climbed over hump day.  This week, I’m going under it!

My bum totally still fits under my log.

Mom says I outgrew my baby log years ago.  I disagree:  Look, Mom!  I still fit!

I refuse to look at you, Mom!  How could you take away my coconut?!?  😤✋  #TalkToTheShell

So what if I’m too big to get out of my coconut on my own?!  I can’t get out of my baths, and you haven’t taken those away!  😡🐢  #KirbyLogic

Mom, where did my coconut go?!?  It was right here before my nap!!

You took it away because it’s too small for me?!?  PUT IT BACK RIGHT NOW, MOM!!!

See, Mom?  My coconut is totally not too small for me!  Tilting my coconut up is totally not a trick!  Don’t you dare take my coconut away!!

Hi, Mom!  I’m totally not having any trouble fitting inside my coconut!  😉

Who remembers my very first log that I outgrew a couple years ago?  Recently, Mom thought I might like my first log back to climb on.  I got so excited to see my old log again!  My head still fits inside, so obviously the rest of me must still fit, too, right?  🤔


Mom, this is all your fault!!

My coconut is getting too small for me?  Why would you say that, Mom?