Category: Tall Tuesday

Tall Tuesday chillin’ on my plastic plants to remind them who’s boss.

🥁  Presenting … my most exciting Tall Tuesday training session yet!  Can I finally make it onto the top of my hidey hut?  🧗‍♂️💪🐢🥳

It’s a time-lapse Tall Tuesday posing on my water dish!

🎄 12 Days of GRUMPmas, Day 4️⃣ 🎁
(Days 12, and 3)

All aboard the Holiday Kirby Express for a festive GRUMP time!

Mom and Grandmom are talking about pumpkin and Brussels sprouts!?  Gimme GIMME!!

Tall Tuesday training continues:  Trying new angles of attack—and showing off my magic vanishing act!  🧗‍♂️💪🐢🎩✨

Tall Tuesday training:  One…more…kick…to…the…top!!  🧗‍♂️💪🐢😖

Today was not a successful Tall Tuesday.


* Tumblr is still eating our individual photo captions, so while the code monkeys are working on that, captions below:

  1. I don’t want to talk about it, Mom.
  2. Did you just put RADICCHIO on my plate over there?!?!!

And lo, the clouds opened up and Heaven shone down on the cutest GRUMP in the land, standing tall and ready for noms…but no noms came forth from the light!?

My evil plastic plants think they can stop me from my ninja training?  Think again, plastic plants!