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It’s a time-lapse Tall Tuesday posing on my water dish!

Is it Thanksgiving feast time yet?

Mom is still busy busy busy, so I am helping with lots of GRUMPs!

What do you mean, it’s too cold for me to go outside?!  Look how sunny it is!

Sun’s out, legs out, head’s NOT out.  How dare the sun interrupt my nap?!

EXCUSE ME, sunning my bum makes me hungry!  Bring my noms over here, stat!

And lo, the clouds opened up and Heaven shone down on the cutest GRUMP in the land, standing tall and ready for noms…but no noms came forth from the light!?

Waiting for the weekend…

Sundae Sunday!  🍨🐢☀️

TGIF!  Weekend, here we come!