Category: spy

Mom, not now!!  I’m trying to spy on my evil plastic plants over here to make sure they’re not planning to start another war!

Sunday snuggle snooping:  How many potential noms can I spy from my towel up in Mom’s hands?

Shhhh don’t tell Mom I’m here!  I found a new hiding spot to spy on Mom while she’s putting away the groceries!  There’s even a squishy pillow that is perfect for naps when Mom is doing something boring, like washing dishes.  How does Mom have so many dishes to wash?!

Mom thinks I fell asleep in my carrier, but little does she know I’m watching where she puts the radicchio she just got out of the fridge!

Shhhh, don’t tell Mom I’m hiding behind this desk lamp!  I am staking out this room to find out where Mom hides all my noms!