Category: spring fever

The best way to protect my corner from my plastic plants is to sleep in it!  😴🐢👑

Especially after my hidey hut is flipped over and unsuitable for sleeping in after a full day of spring fever rampaging.  🙈

Spring fever means I rampage during the day…and get up in the middle of the night to beg for a late night snack!

Spring fever Saturday success!  Time for a well-earned nap!  😏

Yes, this is the fifth time I’ve climbed onto my plastic plants in the last half hour.  What’s your point?

Spring fever rampaging wouldn’t be complete without uprooting my plastic plants!  In fact, I’m going to take a nap right here in my corner just to show those plastic plants who’s boss!

My spring fever is in overdrive!  I have been running around like a maniac all week, and last night, I refused to go to sleep at all!  My light turned off at my usual bedtime, but I just couldn’t sit still.  I even kept rampaging in pitch darkness, after all the lights in my room were turned off, too!  Eventually I flipped my hidey hut and GRUMPed myself to sleep like this.

Around 10pm Sunday night, I got up for breakfast, but my plate was completely empty!?  (It was also weirdly dark??)  My breakfast was so slow in coming that I dozed off!  Mom just stood there giggling and taking pictures.  How rude!