Category: spoiled

Mom, why is my plate filled with tiny leaves?  They’re from the violets you planted for me?  But then where are the yummy violets???

Excuse me, my log is flipped over!  MOM!

MOM, I can’t believe you didn’t pack any frilly kale for me in your bag!  I refuse to look at you until you find some!  How dare—ooo, shello, sun!

MOM, it’s the weekend!  I demand breakfast in bed!

EXCUSE ME, there is dirt on these greens!  I demand new dirt-free noms!

Mom, my evil plastic plants stole my frilly kale!  I need fresh new kale straight from the fridge right now!

Mom, you were supposed to clean my water dish while I was nomming my breakfast!  How am I supposed to take a not-bath in this?!

Mom, I searched through this whole pile of greens—there isn’t a single piece of radicchio!?

Excuse me!  Why are there collard greens on my plate again?!  I told you, Mom, I don’t want collard greens when it’s warm out!

EXCUSE ME, these noms are UNACCEPTABLE.  The final Game of Thrones season premiere requires a giant pile of radicchio!