Category: sneaky

How to sneak up on Mom:  Make a secret path behind my water dish, creep stealthily through when Mom is preoccupied, and jump out at Mom from the alley between my water dish and my hidey hut!

I have to finish everything on my plate before I get new noms?!

Ta da!  No more noms!  Now go get me my radicchio!

Shhhh don’t tell Mom I’m here!  I found a new hiding spot to spy on Mom while she’s putting away the groceries!  There’s even a squishy pillow that is perfect for naps when Mom is doing something boring, like washing dishes.  How does Mom have so many dishes to wash?!

I saw you walk in the door with a fistful of dandelions! Where did you put them?!

I’m not coming out of bed until I see noms on my plate!

Me, dragging my food plate over to my hidey hut so I can have breakfast in bed?  I totally was not just doing that, not me!  But you’ll bring my plate the rest of the way over here to me, right, Mom?

Mom, look!  I don’t have any noms left!  Go get me more!  Get me fresh noms still crisp from the fridge!

What’s that?  I’m sitting on my no-longer-crisp greens?  Why would you ever think that?

Mom thinks I fell asleep in my carrier, but little does she know I’m watching where she puts the radicchio she just got out of the fridge!

Mom, I finished my greens!  Can I get my radicchio now?

Me, sitting on my greens?  Of course not!