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I tried to escape from Monday, but Monday won.

Hiding from Monday and chilly temperatures in my turtleneck.

TGIF!  Time to catch up on sleep after a long week of naps and GRUMPs!

It’s a not-getting-out-of-bed-but-still-showing-off-my-leggie #TortoiseButtTuesday.

First day after a long weekend requires lots of naps.

Six!, Part 4
(Parts 0, 12, and 3)

Post-birthday rainy day means extending my post-birthday cake food coma!  (While keeping an eye on my plate in case Mom gives me cake leftovers!)

Mom, why did you wake me up if it’s Monday?!

Oh hi, Mom!  What am I doing?  Nothing!  Just hanging out under my light!  Definitely not digging a big hole to sleep in, nope, not me!

Mom is sleep-deprived, so I took extra naps for her today!

Monday means grab your biggest, fluffiest pillow and take lots of naps!