Category: sitting pretty

Shello, Mom!  Can I get head rubs and a snack please?

Sitting pretty for a snuggly #TortoiseButtTuesday!

Fluffy towel time is a must after awful bathtime!

Mom, stop looking at your computer!  Look at how cute I am being and reward me with radicchio!

Sitting tall and pretty on my baby log for Tall Tuesday:  Where’s the radicchio you promised me for being a good boy, Mom?

*  There doesn’t seem to be a way to preserve Apple’s Live Photo format when uploading pictures here.  Otherwise, you’d see my head shoot up as soon as I heard my name called!

I have discovered a new use for my hidey hut:  I declare my hidey hut to be my new throne!

Mom, it’s Friday!  Don’t you want to give me radicchio for breakfast instead?

Techniques to get breakfast in bed:

1.  Sad sleepy face.  Look how cozy I am in my coconut!
2.  Sitting pretty.  Don’t I deserve a reward for sitting so nicely?
3.  If all else fails, GRUMP!