Category: sitting on noms

I have to finish everything on my plate before I get new noms?!

Ta da!  No more noms!  Now go get me my radicchio!

Mom, look!  I don’t have any noms left!  Go get me more!  Get me fresh noms still crisp from the fridge!

What’s that?  I’m sitting on my no-longer-crisp greens?  Why would you ever think that?

Mom, I finished my greens!  Can I get my radicchio now?

Me, sitting on my greens?  Of course not!

Tall Tuesday hide-and-seek:  Mom will never find me here!

Bonus points for me:  I am right on my plate where noms could show up!

Mom, it’s Friday!  Don’t you want to give me radicchio for breakfast instead?