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What?!  Monday found me again?!  Plastic plants, you said you would hide me!  LIES!!

There you are, Mom!  I tried to come out of my hidey hut, but this wall is in the way?!  Make this wall move, Mom!

Mom, why is my plate all the way on top of my hidey hut?!  You’re cleaning??  But this is my plate for noms!  How will I reach my noms up there?!

The last pen in Mom’s giant stash is my favorite:  Look at how deliciouser, I mean, friendly this pen buddy* is!

* Pen buddy was a present from friend Samwise many years ago!  Sadly pen buddy is dried out now.  :/

Look, Mom!  I found a box of critter stamp markers in your marker stash!  These markers are mostly dried out, too, but they still kind of work if you STOMP them hard enough!

Gloomy, rainy Friday the 13th calls for a dramatic corner tantrum with dramatic lighting to match!

Who, me?  I have no idea how that side of my enclosure got trashed.  I was busy starving to death in this corner over here.

What do you mean the grocery store hasn’t had radicchio in months?!?  FIX IT, MOM!!

But, Mom, it’s Friday!  Can’t I have radicchio?  Pleeeaaase?