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Zoya has decided to give pokemon sword and shield a try. She heard there were shiny torts like her in the game!

Happy World Turtle Day!

Time for our annual shellebratory tradition:  A tortle tower of awesomeness!  This year’s tower is extra shiny and comes with secret space for nom storage!


Still no noms in front of me, Mom!


I have a double chin?  Clearly I don’t get enough noms—a proper tortie should have at least three chins!  Obviously!

Who’s excited for the Game of Thrones finale this weekend?  ❄️⚔️🔥

Friend Rae was inspired by our Westerosi origami to add a third, shiny dragon to our collection!  Now which one of these will bring me the tastiest snack for Sunday night?  🐉🤔🐢


A Jack Shellington Christmas, Part 11
(Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 78, 9, and 10; Halloween pictures here)

Is this present tasty?  🎁🤔

Watch my new Christmas video to find out!

Pssst…watch until the end!

A Jack Shellington Christmas, Part 6
(Parts 12, 3, 4, and 5; Halloween pictures here)

Walking in a tinsel wonderland!

A Jack Shellington Christmas, Part 4
(Parts 12, and 3; Halloween pictures here)

These three wise men are delightfully shiny, but why do they have no gifts for me?!

Remember that time I discovered a stack of shiny coins on Mom’s desk, sat on them, and claimed them as mine?  Here’s a throwback to a few minutes after that picture:  Mom tried to take the coins back, so I protected them with this (weird-looking) Super GRUMPface!

Mom’s shirt has a shiny gold pineapple on it.  How dare that fake nom try to outshine me when I’m around?!  Shiny impostor nom, I squash you with my bum!  😤🐢🍍👚


Did you prank anyone for April Fool’s Day yesterday?  After I enjoyed my Easter reward for finding all of Mr. Rooster’s baby chicks yesterday, I pranked Mom when she tried to weigh me:  The longer I sat on the scale, the heavier I got!  I got even heavier when I started stomping on the scale!  (7.10 oz is 201.3 g!)

Mom was amused, but she still went with what the scale said when she first put me on it.  So close to the big 200!!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Lucky me found a leprechaun’s stash!  Mom says leprechaun gold has magical properties.  If I put all this shiny gold into the leprechaun’s hat, will the shiny gold be magicked into yummy noms?