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👒  Happy National Hat Day!  🧢

A holiday just for hats and my Mexican vacation in the mail from friends @wafflesworld can mean only one thing:  ¡Es la fiesta de Señor GRUMP!  ¡Vamonos!  🎉🎁🌵🏖🎩🐢😤

This week, we reached 10,000 followers on Instagram!  As is tradition, Brunhilda and I put on our dapper best to shellebrate!  🎩🥳🐢🦕

We are always amazed and honored that so many people enjoy following me along on my adventures, big and small.  Thank you to all of our fabulous fans for sending us so much love every day!  🤗🥰💖🐢

Today is a big day!  Today our friend Tortellini R. Tortoise @wafflesworld turns a whole half decade old!!  Happy 5th hatchday, Torty!!  May you have many more decades of yummy wormies and exciting stomps!  We can’t wait to see what adventures you go on next!   🎂5️⃣🐢 🎊

Mom can’t get to the post office until later this week to mail Torty the special card we found for her, but of course, we couldn’t let Torty’s special day go by without shellebrating!  🎉

Mom came home from her travels to an incredible surprise:  I now have more than 50,000 subscribers on YouTube!?!  😲😲😲  As is tradition, I broke out my top hat to shellebrate, and Brunhilda joined in!  🎩🥳🐢🦕

Of course, we also made a special thank you video:

Thank you to all our fabulous fans!  We are flattered and so very honored that so many of you like watching my adventures!  Shell hugs to you all!  🤗🥰💖🐢

One more day until my 5th birthday!  Mom, are you sure you don’t need me to taste test the ingredients for my cake?

First Day Home – YouTube:

It’s almost my 5th birthday!  To shellebrate, here’s a look back at all our videos from my first day home, on August 21, 2013!*  These are even older than our oldest Tumblr posts!  🎉❤️🐢

📸  Plus, you can see more of my first day home over heremy first bath the next day…and announcing my name!

We are also making these videos public on our YouTube channel.  Our oldest videos were all uploaded as unlisted videos but you can find them linked on our Tumblr or WordPress, if you dig deep enough into our archives.  :}

Attention, friends!  It’s time to shellebrate:  Today Tortellini R. Tortoise turns four!  Torty is the best wormie hunter we know and has an excellent GRUMPface that rivals my own!  Happy hatchday, Torty!!  🎉 🐢 🎊

International Turtle and Tortoise Week, Day 1

The best week of the year is here:  International Turtle and Tortoise Week!  Let the shell-ebration begin!

* Credit for ITTW goes to Turtle & Tortoise Preservation Group and Zoo Med Labs!