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The rumors are true…Lover, we love you!…

The rumors are true…Lover, we love you!  🎵💗🎶


A kiss for Taylor…


…a hug for one of our favorite baby Taylor journal entries…


…and testing for possible secret noms in the pretty CD?

@taylorswift @taylornation 

* The heart packing peanuts are from my awesome birthday package from friend @anne-fine—photos coming soon!

Six!, Part 4(Parts 0, 1, 2, and 3)

Six!, Part 4
(Parts 0, 12, and 3)

Post-birthday rainy day means extending my post-birthday cake food coma!  (While keeping an eye on my plate in case Mom gives me cake leftovers!)

thewhimsyturtle: thewhimsyturtle: 🎶  I’m th…



🎶  I’m the only one of ME!  🌈🐢🦋💖

✨  Some unplanned T-Swizzle numerology:  Our video is 5:02 long…and 5 + 2 = 7!  Plus, Mom unintentionally took exactly 13 photos of me in my butterfly wings on her camera!  (Again!  We haven’t shared all 13 photos this time because several look very similar to the ones we have shared here already.)


You can’t spell noms without Kir—er…


…ahem…I promise that nobody’s gonna GRUMP like ME if you don’t give me noms RIGHT NOW!

@taylorswift @taylornation

Rebageling because ME! at the BBMAs was ✨magical✨!

@taylorswift @taylornation 

One more sleep until the album Lover!

@taylorswift @taylornation 

Six!, Part 3(Parts 0, 1, and 2)

Six!, Part 3
(Parts 01, and 2)

Thank you for all your birthday wishes!  I feel so loved!  🥰

As a special thank you, we present to you a (condensed) video of my cake CHOMPing!  I was so excited about my delicious birthday cake that Mom thought my eyes were going to pop out!  👀😋🐢😂

(Watch to the end to see the bonus treat I got on top of my cake!  😍)

#KirbyChompsSix  🎉🎂6️⃣🎊

Six!, Part 2(Parts 0 and 1)

Six!, Part 2
(Parts 0 and 1)

Birthday cake is hard to nom when it’s twice as tall as you, so Mom toppled my cake for me!

Bonus photo from the gif above:


I may have picked off all the yummy flowers first…


I also have no idea what happened to Brunhilda’s hat.  Definitely had nothing to do with me.

Six!, Part 1(Part 0 here)

Six!, Part 1
(Part 0 here)

It’s my birthday!  Today marks six whole years since I first met Mom as a wee hatchling!  Let the shellebration begin!

This year, Brunhilda helped Mom make me a big watermelon + wildflowers cake!


Dandelions, clover, and a delicious surprise:  A brand new nom I never tried before, wild chicory flowers!


Mom told me to sit still for photos with my un-nommed cake first.  As if!


Of course, Mom took a zillion photos of my cake nomming.  Stay tuned for more cake CHOMPs!

* We don’t know the exact day I hatched, so since I was born not long before I met Mom, we celebrate as my birthday the day I showed up on Mom’s doorstep in a FedEx box!

Six!, Part 0

Six!, Part 0

Mom let me choose the paper for our party hats for my birthday tomorrow!  Of course, I picked out pretty paper in my favorite color, red, for my party hat, plus another nom color for Brunhilda’s!

Mom, it’s my birthday in two days!  Can’t we s…

Mom, it’s my birthday in two days!  Can’t we start shellebrating today with radicchio for breakfast?

Me, too dirty?  I can see just fine out of my …

Me, too dirty?  I can see just fine out of my left eye that you haven’t put fresh noms on my plate yet!

I have to finish everything on my plate before…

I have to finish everything on my plate before I get new noms?!

Ta da!  No more noms!  Now go get me my radicchio!