Category: reptiles

We were gonna wash the pool so the turtles got to swim a bit on it. As a treat.

What if….we kissed… the human’s dirty pool….Haha just kidding……………….unless?

Hey everyone!

I got a new phone for christmas, you know what that means?

A New era of Lorenzo pictures, now with higher quality!

Please caption this

Help. Lorenzo doesn’t want to go to sleep and is making a lot of noise

I’ve tried singing him

– 2 Lullabies

– 1 Little mermaid song

– Bohemian Rapsody (with “mamaaa” replaced with “babyyyy, just go to beeeed” so he gets the message)

– Megalovania

Don’t talk to me I’m angy

Night adventures outside

Porque a la chucha el toque de queda

I’m not a doctor but I think I might be able to help 🎶

Hehe my bed now

wait no