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I made a little scarf for Lorenzo

He did not like it and took it off immediately

The colder weather makes him very cuddly

Quarantine Diaries: Day 10

I’ve decided to try my hand at gaming. I am very strategic so I’m sure I will be good at it. Humom says everyone is playing a game called animal crossing. It seems fun but they keep telling me I have to pick all the weeds! Why aren’t we eating them?!?! such a waste!

Quarantine Diaries: Day 9

I spoke briefly with captain @wafflesworld today via internet communication. It was reassuring to see a friendly shell. He stepped in his food bowl with glee as we discussed the plans that would continue once this crisis is over.

Babies aren’t allowed in class!!!

Quarantine Diaries: Day 6

Today it was there was snow. My hope for accessible dandelions is lost. Human seems to be losing hope of locating her cookies as well. Together we lament the days when greens grew, sun shined, and snacks were plentiful.

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A lazy boy in a lazy morning

Im back from my trip baby! I missed you so much!!

The prophesy was true………

We were gonna wash the pool so the turtles got to swim a bit on it. As a treat.