Category: please

Is it time for noms to descend from the sky?

If I do my cutest sad face, will Monday go away forever?

Mom, it’s my birthday in two days!  Can’t we start shellebrating today with radicchio for breakfast?

Shello, Mom!  Can I get head rubs and a snack please?

My light may have turned off, but it’s still light out!  Mom, refill my water dish and bring me more noms!

Look, Mom!  I’m taking my third not-bath of the day!  This means I can skip bath time tomorrow, right?

Sunday sofa snuggles with my fluffy towel!  And radicchio?  Pleeeeaaase?

Sunday calls for basking under my light and making cute faces at Mom to get her to bring noms over to me!

Mom, I’m still stuck.  Move these posts further apart please?

Mom, if we have to go out in this awful rain, can I ride in your hoodie instead of in my carrier?