Category: plastic plants

Squeak GRUMP squeeeaaak GRUMP GRUMP squeak squeakity squeakity SQUEAK!!!

🔊 on!  Plus, if you watch carefully, you may see some tail wags! 

I am not “hanging out” with my plastic plants!  I am using them as a chin rest to remind them of my resounding victory in the war!

Mom, not now!!  I’m trying to spy on my evil plastic plants over here to make sure they’re not planning to start another war!

My evil plastic plants think they can stop me from my ninja training?  Think again, plastic plants!

Today is a smug Tall Tuesday:  I am now tall enough to use my evil plastic plants as a chin rest!  Take that, plastic plants!

I flipped over my plastic plants, I’ve checked all under my plate…where is my radicchio, Mom?!?

Bonus peekaboo GRUMPs:


Detective Kirby can be sneaky, you see!


Detective Kirby is hangry, Mom!

Hi, Mom!  What am I doing?  I’m uh, just waiting for snack time!  It is snack time, right?  Here I come!

Mom?!  Where are my snacks?!

Now that I’ve won the war with my evil plastic plants, maybe I can turn them into a cozy blanket for naps in the corner I reclaimed from them?

Do I look excited about Monday?!

Mom, my evil plastic plants stole my frilly kale!  I need fresh new kale straight from the fridge right now!