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What?!  Monday found me again?!  Plastic plants, you said you would hide me!  LIES!!

I hereby declare this corner free of plastic plants!  HARUMPH!

Beware the Ides of March!  The weather was finally warm enough for me to venture outside, but my STOMPs were ill-fated…

⚠️ Make sure to read the captions for context!  Captions don’t seem to work on mobile, so they are also copied below:

  1. Finally, the Great Outdoors after a whole winter stuck inside!
  2. Border crossing alert!!
  3. Border wall 100% ineffective.
  5. Hands up!  Immediate deportation flight back to the patio!
  6. Uh oh, prohibited substance detected on face…
  7. Mandatory quarantine in the barren, nom-less land of Driveway.
  8. Quarantine complete, back home at last…where the evil plastic plants took over the corner again?!?
  9. Putting those plastic plastics in their place!!

More seriously, please stay safe and healthy when going out and about, everyone!  Sending you all big shell hugs in these tough times!  ❤️🐢

Dreaming of no more Mondays and no more evil plastic plants taking over my corner!

Who goes there?  Do you bring noms?  No noms, no admittance to the Kirby Fort!

No wonder my evil plastic plants keep hogging this corner:  It is the perfect spot for me to hide from Monday and keep an eye on my food plate!

Tall Tuesday chillin’ on my plastic plants to remind them who’s boss.

#tbt one time 3.5 years ago when I was totally not stuck.

Today was a very productive day:  I completely cleaned off all the noms on my plate (even the crumbs!) and thoroughly reclaimed my corner from my evil plastic plants!