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International Turtle and Tortoise Week, Day 3
(Days 1 and 2)

Happy Earth Day, friends!  Even more exciting, today is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day!  Today we celebrate our beautiful planet and remember that Mother Earth needs our help to stay healthy and full of life.  Reduce, reuse, recycle, and make sustainable choices whenever you can!  Every change helps, no matter how small!

It’s up to all of us to help planet Earth!

The last pen in Mom’s giant stash is my favorite:  Look at how deliciouser, I mean, friendly this pen buddy* is!

* Pen buddy was a present from friend Samwise many years ago!  Sadly pen buddy is dried out now.  :/

Look, Mom!  I found a box of critter stamp markers in your marker stash!  These markers are mostly dried out, too, but they still kind of work if you STOMP them hard enough!

To my delight, our package from friend (Iri)epsi (@epsifawnshawn) included a sparkly and super yummy surprise!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  ☘️  May you all be blessed with good health, good luck, and good cheer today and every day!  🌈💚

Mom let me inspect her decorating job on a big sugar cookie shamrock.  I give these pretty green sprinkles and frosting my hearty CHOMP of approval!  🍪☘️😋


❗️  Do not actually feed cookies to your shelled friends!  Mom took this cookie away before I got any in my tummy.  😫

Beware the Ides of March!  The weather was finally warm enough for me to venture outside, but my STOMPs were ill-fated…

⚠️ Make sure to read the captions for context!  Captions don’t seem to work on mobile, so they are also copied below:

  1. Finally, the Great Outdoors after a whole winter stuck inside!
  2. Border crossing alert!!
  3. Border wall 100% ineffective.
  5. Hands up!  Immediate deportation flight back to the patio!
  6. Uh oh, prohibited substance detected on face…
  7. Mandatory quarantine in the barren, nom-less land of Driveway.
  8. Quarantine complete, back home at last…where the evil plastic plants took over the corner again?!?
  9. Putting those plastic plastics in their place!!

More seriously, please stay safe and healthy when going out and about, everyone!  Sending you all big shell hugs in these tough times!  ❤️🐢

The Pizza Pi-rate party continues!  Pi pi pizza pie!  🍕☠️🐢😋

Happy Pi Day!  This year, the Pi-rate Tortoise has plundered an extra-large slice of pizza pie!  🍕☠️🐢😋

Happy Leap Day!

Once every four years is a long time to wait.  This is only my second leap day ever!  To shellebrate, Mom made four colorful leaping friends just for me!  And of course, like any good shellebration, there were noms aplenty…

How do I get these shiny sequins and sparkles off this velvet and into my belly?