Category: not getting out of bed

It’s a not-getting-out-of-bed-but-still-showing-off-my-leggie #TortoiseButtTuesday.

Should I get up from my self-made custom dirt bed?: A timelapse.

Here we have the Log Tortoise in its natural habitat, stubbornly refusing to get out of bed and GRUMPing about the lack of noms.

Monday’s back?!  Why haven’t you made Monday go away yet, Mom?!

It’s snowing and super gloomy out?  Then why is it blindingly bright in my enclosure?!  What is this trickery, Mom?!

What to do when Mom says it’s snowing again.

Has it stopped raining yet?

On grey rainy days, I stay warm and cozy in bed!

Monday’s back again?!  I’m staying right here, thank you very much.

Get out of bed?  Why would I do that?