Category: Not Amused

Seriously, Mom?!

I’m watching you, Mom.

Mom, explain my empty plate!

What do you mean, we’re out of radicchio?!

Me, move so you can fill in this hole I spent an hour digging and put my plastic plants back in my corner?  I don’t think so.

Mom, are you done hammering yet?!  You’ve been making a racket for over an hour, and it’s way past my naptime!

I found flowers!  Someone Mom knows went to Korea and came back with tea made with hydrangeas!  Now how do I get to those pretty flowers inside??

* Note:  Hydrangeas are toxic to all animals!  Mom did not let me anywhere near the tea bags once she took them out of the box!

Do I look excited about Monday?!

Mom came home with a yummy Doraemon (and a shiny sticker)!  Mom, I thought you said we’re not supposed to nom new friends??

Mom, why are you laughing?  I have noms on my head?  Clearly your fault for not chopping up my noms for me!