Category: nose in air

After my magnificent regal poses yesterday, I took a majestic not-bath and demanded better noms fit for a king like me!

What’s that?  Everything is a mess behind me?  I can’t even see it, Mom!  Definitely wasn’t me!

Collard greens?!  Mom, how many times do I have to tell you, I don’t like collard greens unless it’s winter!

I have to finish everything on my plate before I get new noms?!

Ta da!  No more noms!  Now go get me my radicchio!

Today is a smug Tall Tuesday:  I am now tall enough to use my evil plastic plants as a chin rest!  Take that, plastic plants!

Excuse me!  I’m awake!  Why isn’t my light on and more importantly, why is my plate empty?!

Yes, I did turn my hidey hut 270 degrees while I was sleeping last night.  It’s called interior design, Mom!  😤

Look, Mom!  I grew a bigger shell!  I need three times the noms now!

Who, me?  That mess was totally not me.  I’ve been sitting in this corner with my evil plastic plants all day!  Right here!  I definitely didn’t fill my water dish with mud or flip anything over, not me!

For this week’s Tall Tuesday, I preempted my plastic plants:  Instead of letting them flip me over, I flipped over my plastic plants!  Score one for me!  🙌😈🍃  #LookWhatYouMadeMeDo

🗒  Kirby: 2, Plastic Plants: 3