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Happy I Love Yarn Day!

Happy I Love Yarn Day!

Mom and I both love yarn!  Mom loves yarn as a crafty medium, like for making my Halloween costume.  This year, Mom is doing something a little different:  In past years, Mom has tailored my costume to the exact shape of my shell.  But, this year, Mom is trying out a more domed shape.

I don’t know how to crochet like Mom, but I love yarn, too—in my own way!  😋


Mom, can I get yarn for breakfast tomorrow?

📸  Bonus GRUMP from when Mom accidentally turned on her camera flash:


I am Not Amused, Mom!

Shiver me timbers, I know just where th’ noms …

Shiver me timbers, I know just where th’ noms be hidin’!  No shiny navigator can fool Pirate Cap’n Kirby.  Th’ shiny whatsit be nay navigator—th’ shiny be th’ noms!


At last, th’ best o’ th’ booty from ye scurvy landlubbers!


Ye best be nay disturbin’ th’ Pirate Kirby whilst nommin’, lest ye suffer th’ mightiest o’ GRUMPs!


Nommin’ be serious business!


Radicchio be th’ finest booty I ever did nom!


Th’ Pirate Cap’n Kirby be grand pleased!  Brin’ me more radicchio, ye scurvy dog!

Five!, Part 9(Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8…

Five!, Part 9
(Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 67, and 8)

It’s a bit late because of Mom’s trip last week, but it’s finally here:  My birthday video!  We have gotten requests for more ASMR videos of me nomming, so Mom filmed ALL of my flower-filled cake nomming!  Sound up to hear me munch, especially in the second half!  🔊

🔚  Plus, watch to the end for bonus crunching!

Five!, Part 6(Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5) The flo…

Five!, Part 6
(Parts 1, 2, 34, and 5)

The flowers didn’t stop at my cake for my fifth birthday!  This spring, Zoo Med Labs came out with a new product just for tortoises:  Flower Food Toppers!  Each bag is a mix of dried blue and red cornflowers, chamomile flowers, blue mallow flowers, and rose petals—all healthy and yummy noms for torts!  🌸🌼🌹

Our local pet store hasn’t started carrying these yet, so the nice folks at Zoo Med sent us a big bag for free in exchange for us posting a review on Instagram.  📬 Flower Food Topper is exactly as advertised:  100% all-natural, dried flowers and nothing else.  The flowers come in a handy dandy resealable bag and smell heavenly. We bet you can guess my taste test verdict:  OMNOMNOM GIMME MOAR!   😋😍  I was especially excited about the flowers in my favorite color:  You can’t tell from these pictures, but I picked out all the red flowers first!   😏🙄

Mom is mixing these flowers into my regular greens several times a week, and I love them! We can’t grow a big garden of noms for me, so Flower Food Topper is a great way to add more variety to my diet, something Mom is always trying to do. Mom loves the convenience of mixed flowers that won’t go bad in two days or disappear in winter, and I love getting more kinds of noms. Win all around!  🙌

We give Flower Food Toppers 5 out of 5 Kirby Chomps!  💯🌟

Five!, Part 2(Part 1 here)

Five!, Part 2
(Part 1 here)

For my 5th birthday, Mom made me a flower-filled cake to match my flowery party hat!  Apple slices with watermelon and radicchio “filling,” topped with rose petals from friend gckaf and frilly kale edges, and trimmed with fresh picked dandie and clover flowers!

I was so excited to see the dandie flowers!  Mom has never been able to find any dandies on my birthday before, but this year’s weird weather means I finally got dandie flowers on my cake!!

Cake dandies = best birthday cake surprise!

thewhimsyturtle: Three!!!, Part 1(Part 2 here…


Three!!!, Part 1
(Part 2 here)

I met Mommy for the first time three years ago today!!  That calls for a cake to celebrate, don’t you agree?

My birthday cake this year was extra exciting because it is my first ever watermelon!  I love watermelon!  It is just as delicious as Waffles and Mango said!

You can see all of my birthday party photos in one place over here!

Happy National Watermelon Day with a flashback to the first time I got to try watermelon, on my third birthday two years ago!  🍉🎂😋

3️⃣🔙  You can see the rest of the pictures from my third birthday over here!

🎈  Plus, pictures from ALL my birthdays past over here!

Fourth of July Party 2017, Part 1

Fourth of July Party 2017, Part 1

This year, ahead of friend @gckaf’s annual Fourth of July BBQ, I found a mini me for friendbeast Bucky!  Mini Bucky has beautiful soft hair colored just like Bucky’s and let me ride on top of his head, just like Bucky!  Plus, mini Bucky has delicious white toes!


Bonus:  Mini Bucky doesn’t mind at all when I try to nom his yummy toes!


Why is it that all the yummy things aren’t supposed to be nommed?!


Mini Bucky, I command you to take me to the place where Mom hides all my noms!


Uh oh, mini Bucky’s pretty hair is slippery…


This is a much better perch!


Okay, mini Bucky, let’s go find all the noms!

Happy Independence Day, U.S.A. friends!  Three…

Happy Independence Day, U.S.A. friends!  Three CHOMPs for the land of the free and home of the brave!  🇺🇸💥 


If you’re going to take away those macarons, where are my replacement noms?!


Excuse me, holidays are for noms, not endless photos!


Hooray for endive!


Moar plz?

Hooray!  I got my special towel back from the …

Hooray!  I got my special towel back from the awful washing machine!  And my towel is even softer and fluffier than before!  It is so nice on my feeties and—hang on, Mom’s shirt looks suspiciously like dandelions…

Happy first day of summer!  Summer means lots …

Happy first day of summer!  Summer means lots of adventures in the great outdoors.  Most importantly, it’s time for me to retest every section of the sidewalk for nom-ability!