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My evil plastic plants think they can stop me from my ninja training?  Think again, plastic plants!

Tall Tuesday ninja training:  I’ve tried climbing the sides of my hidey hut and the front.  Time to try the back!

Hey!  Hidey hut, stop moving!

Tall Tuesday thoughts:  Maybe I’ve been going about climbing my hidey hut all wrong.  Instead of trying to climb the sides, I should try to climb the front, over the door!

Did someone say bath time?!  😱  I’m outta here!!

I shoved my hidey hut aside and discovered a whole new corner behind it!?  I must climb this corner immediately!

Tall Tuesday ninja training:  I am going to make the top of my hidey hut my new throne, just you watch!

Forget my water dish, I’m climbing on top of my hidey hut on my own!

So close and yet still so far!  😫

Almost!!  💪🐢

It’s Tall Tuesday time!  I had the brilliant idea to shove my water dish over to my hidey hut, and now I am so close to making it onto the top of my hidey hut!