Category: ninja in training

🥁  Presenting … my most exciting Tall Tuesday training session yet!  Can I finally make it onto the top of my hidey hut?  🧗‍♂️💪🐢🥳

Mom and Grandmom are talking about pumpkin and Brussels sprouts!?  Gimme GIMME!!

Tall Tuesday training continues:  Trying new angles of attack—and showing off my magic vanishing act!  🧗‍♂️💪🐢🎩✨

Tall Tuesday training:  One…more…kick…to…the…top!!  🧗‍♂️💪🐢😖

My evil plastic plants think they can stop me from my ninja training?  Think again, plastic plants!

Tall Tuesday ninja training:  I’ve tried climbing the sides of my hidey hut and the front.  Time to try the back!

Hey!  Hidey hut, stop moving!

Tall Tuesday thoughts:  Maybe I’ve been going about climbing my hidey hut all wrong.  Instead of trying to climb the sides, I should try to climb the front, over the door!

Did someone say bath time?!  😱  I’m outta here!!

One of my favorite ninja training exercises is flipping over my hidey hut for a new climbing challenge!  💪🐢🙃

I shoved my hidey hut aside and discovered a whole new corner behind it!?  I must climb this corner immediately!