Category: mudball

Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring yesterday!  Time to emerge from my winter blues!

It was the cleanest of times, it was the muddiest of times…

Happy non-bath Friday with a proud dirt GRUMP close-up!

Me, too dirty?  I can see just fine out of my left eye that you haven’t put fresh noms on my plate yet!

Last week, I climbed over hump day.  This week, I’m going under it!

The sun is back!  Mom, brush off my shell so I can catch all these wonderfully warm rays!

Throwback to baby me waking up on the wrong side of my dirt burrow, three years ago!

Success!  I have finally dug all the way through Earth to the other side!  I, Kirby the—oh, I only made it to the other side of my hidey hut?!