Category: Mondays

What?!  Monday found me again?!  Plastic plants, you said you would hide me!  LIES!!

Pouring rain + Monday = NOPE × infinity.

Lap tortoise duty on a cold and rainy Monday calls for a GRUMP nap!  🌧😤🐢💤

📷👆 Time lapse photos above and video below!  🎥👇

Monday with Mom snuggles is infinitely better than Monday without!

Monday on top of losing an hour calls for dramatic headless naps.  #NationalNappingDay

Dreaming of no more Mondays and no more evil plastic plants taking over my corner!

No wonder my evil plastic plants keep hogging this corner:  It is the perfect spot for me to hide from Monday and keep an eye on my food plate!

It’s Monday?  NOPE.

Monday will never find me here!

It’s a Monday that’s also a holiday?!  MOAR SNUGGLE TIME!