Category: MOM WHY

A long weekend means extra Kirby the Explorer expedition time!  I can finally find out what’s in that giant purple bin in Mom’s closet!

Wait…why is the closet door closed?!?

Excuse me, these are not the noms I rampaged for.

MOOOOOM, I’ve been rampaging for a whole hour!  Why is my plate still empty?!?

Seriously, Mom?!

What’s this?  It’s bath day so I can start the new year with a clean shell?!  This is NONSENSE, Mom!  I demand you get me out of this awful bath THIS INSTANT!

Mom!  Why won’t you let me near your laptop?!  I promise I won’t buy ALL the radicchio on the Interwebs—only the radicchio on sale for Cyber Monday!

Mom was so busy today that she didn’t have time to give me a bath!  Win!

Mom was also so busy she didn’t give me a single snack all day after breakfast!?  MOOOOOM!

What is the meaning of this?!  How dare you give me an awful bath on a Friday?!

What do you mean, it’s too cold for me to go outside?!  Look how sunny it is!

Mom, not now!!  I’m trying to spy on my evil plastic plants over here to make sure they’re not planning to start another war!