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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  ☘️  May you all be blessed with good health, good luck, and good cheer today and every day!  🌈💚

Mom let me inspect her decorating job on a big sugar cookie shamrock.  I give these pretty green sprinkles and frosting my hearty CHOMP of approval!  🍪☘️😋


❗️  Do not actually feed cookies to your shelled friends!  Mom took this cookie away before I got any in my tummy.  😫

#tbt when Mom found the rare Shamrock Tortoise GRUMPing for cuddles on St. Patrick’s Day!  ☘️😤🐢💚

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  ☘️  Finding the rare Shamrock Tortoise brings good luck and cute GRUMPs!  ☘️😤🐢💚


Green is the color of noms, but where are the noms?!


If you have noms for me, I shall bless you with lots of good luck!


The Shamrock Tortoise cannot stay long!  Onwards to the next lucky nom-bringer!


But wait!  For even more good luck, give the Shamrock Tortoise cuddles!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Lucky me found a leprechaun’s stash!  Mom says leprechaun gold has magical properties.  If I put all this shiny gold into the leprechaun’s hat, will the shiny gold be magicked into yummy noms?