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Lap tortoise reporting for Sunday snuggle duty:  I can reply to all those emails for you, Mom!  Let’s see…H-E-L-P-S-E-N-D-N-O-M-S-exclamation point, exclamation point, exclamation point!  Aaaand send!

TGIF!  Time to #NetflixAndShell!  🎥🍿🐢

🌟 EDIT:  Credit to one of our awesome Facebook fans for the pun!  🙌

On top of all the rest of this week’s crazy, Mom’s laptop refused to start up!  After many very stressful hours and a lot of Supremely Outraged GRUMPfaces from me (how dare this contraption steal so much of Mom’s attention!), Mom’s laptop is finally back up and running (with all files intact!).

I bet this is all that no account Oogie Boogie’s fault.  Stay away from Mom’s laptop or suffer my GRUMP wrath!