Category: Kirby the explorer

A long weekend means extra Kirby the Explorer expedition time!  I can finally find out what’s in that giant purple bin in Mom’s closet!

Wait…why is the closet door closed?!?

Exciting Kirby the Explorer expedition news:  I have discovered a giant dandelion-yellow object!  But it doesn’t smell at all like dandies or any kind of nom???

Kirby the Explorer expedition time:  Should I investigate all those binders on the shelves, or dig under Mom?

Today was full of surprises:  First, it was so warm that even I could go outside!  Then, Granddad volunteered to take me for a walk outside!  Granddad has never done anything like that for me before!  Maybe I should be asking Granddad for noms, too…

Aha!  The closet door is open!  Time to find out what Mom has been hiding from me!

The first Saturday of a new decade means time for Kirby the Explorer to launch a new expedition!

Why are all those stuffies stuck in that plastic box?!  Release them for my snuggles this instant!

Mom, help!  This table has neither noms nor snuggles!


* Tumblr is still eating our individual photo captions, so while the code monkeys are working on that, captions below:

  1. Mom, this table makes me sad!
  2. Rescue me, Mom!  Weekends require nonstop snacks and cuddles!

Weekends are for exploring!  How many noms can I find in this room?

I, Kirby the Explorer, have discovered the yummiest rock buffet!  😋🐢🤨