Category: HOW DARE YOU

What do you mean the grocery store hasn’t had radicchio in months?!?  FIX IT, MOM!!

A long weekend means extra Kirby the Explorer expedition time!  I can finally find out what’s in that giant purple bin in Mom’s closet!

Wait…why is the closet door closed?!?

What’s this?  It’s bath day so I can start the new year with a clean shell?!  This is NONSENSE, Mom!  I demand you get me out of this awful bath THIS INSTANT!

What is the meaning of this?!  How dare you give me an awful bath on a Friday?!

Who dares block the path of Kirby the Explorer?!  🌾🐢

🔊  Volume up to hear me STOMP!

What do you mean I made a mess?  This is first-class dirt wall art!

How dare you disturb my Sunday slumber?!  I am—wait, you just went grocery shopping?  What do you have for me!!

Mom, I got up all by myself!  On a Monday!  And now you expect me to turn around to get my breakfast, too?!  How could you be so mean?!

Mom was so busy this weekend that I got only one snack a day after breakfast!  I was so upset that I flipped over EVERYTHING, but then Mom put it all back?!?  Do you know how much work that was, Mom?!?  And how HUNGRY that made me?!?

My face after Mom pries yet another yummy rock out of my mouth outside.  Mom is so mean!