Category: head tilt

Is it time for noms to descend from the sky?

Shello, Mom!  Can I get head rubs and a snack please?

First you took away my coconut, and now you’re taking away my towel to wash it?!?  And I have to put up with this awful temporary towel instead?!  Are you trying to make me miserable, Mom?!?

Mom, if we have to go out in this awful rain, can I ride in your hoodie instead of in my carrier?

Mom, it’s Friday!  Don’t you want to give me radicchio for breakfast instead?

Mom, if I don’t come out of my carrier, does that mean your vacation doesn’t end and you stay home with me all day?

Did someone just open the fridge?

Thank you, everyone, for your get well wishes for Mom!  Mom is starting to get better, but she is still too sick to bring me my breakfast on time.  I am helping by being extra cute and doing Mom’s favorite move:  my signature head tilt!

Mom?  There’s no radicchio in my breakfast.  That’s a mistake, right?  And you’re going to put that camera down right now and run to get me a proper breakfast of ALL radicchio, right?

Mom, what is this cuttlebone thing on my plate?  Where are the REAL noms?