Category: guilty face

What’s that?  Everything is a mess behind me?  I can’t even see it, Mom!  Definitely wasn’t me!

Oh hi, Mom!  What am I doing?  Nothing!  Just hanging out under my light!  Definitely not digging a big hole to sleep in, nope, not me!

Hi, Mom!  What am I doing?  I’m uh, just waiting for snack time!  It is snack time, right?  Here I come!

Mom?!  Where are my snacks?!

Whatever it is, I didn’t do it!

Me, dragging my food plate over to my hidey hut so I can have breakfast in bed?  I totally was not just doing that, not me!  But you’ll bring my plate the rest of the way over here to me, right, Mom?

Who, me?  That mess was totally not me.  I’ve been sitting in this corner with my evil plastic plants all day!  Right here!  I definitely didn’t fill my water dish with mud or flip anything over, not me!

I found a whole tangle of wires!  I love wires!  Every time I see an electric wire, I run over and try to nom it!

What do you mean, I’m not allowed to nom electric wires?!

Paperclips?  Me?  Why do you think I know what happened to your paperclips?