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I have shoved aside my hidey hut and claimed this corner as mine!  No one enters this corner without getting past me!

Wait…is that radicchio you’re putting on my plate?!

Fourth of July Party 2018, Part 2
(Part 1 here)

Bucky loved his mini me!  In fact, Bucky loved his mini me a little too much:


Be nice, Bucky!  No ripping off mini Bucky’s head!!

After Bucky’s overenthusiastic welcome, friend gckaf gave mini Bucky to me for the rest of the party.  I did an excellent job guarding mini Bucky by jumping off the edge not once, but twice!  For some reason, that made Mom upset, so I stopped jumping and discovered that mini Bucky makes an excellent cave for a tiny tortoise like me!

I found Christmas chocolates!  All these shiny colorful noms are now mine, and I shall guard them from all thieves!

Hang on, do I see radicchio over there?!

Check back this weekend for my first ever Christmas video!